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Yellowbrick CTO Mark Cusack: What Is a Cloud-Native Data Warehouse?

Episode Summary

On this episode of the Cloud Database Report Podcast, editor and host John Foley talks with Mark Cusack, chief technology officer with Yellowbrick Data, about the fast growing market for cloud data warehouses. The conversation explores the key considerations for a "cloud-native" platform, including the separation of storage and compute resources.

Episode Notes

Yellowbrick Data is a 7-year-old startup that continues to grow in the highly competitive cloud data warehouse market. Yellowbrick recently raised $75 million in its latest round of capital funding as it expands into a variety of industries, including telecom, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing. 

Yellowbrick describes itself as a cloud-native data warehouse.  It is available for deployment on premises and in hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments.

Key topics from the interview include: 

Quotes from the podcast: